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Football Gear

Key Benefits of Washing Equipment

  • Protection from exposure to Staph (MRSA)
  • Eliminates terrible football odor
  • Sanitizes football equipment
  • Eliminates exposure from hazardous organisms (Fungi, Yeast, Bacilli)
  • Removes the decay that destroys gear
  • Eliminates microscopic bugs that cause rash and infection
  • (DBW) Waterproofed jersey is lighter and dryer
  • Promotes enhanced hygienic practices
  • Stain Prevention Treatment

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Equipo C, using the Esporta Wash Systems, offers a variety of different washes for your football equipment. These Wash Systems are specifically designed to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your equipment. Equipo C offers more than just reconditioning of old football equipment.

All washes utilize Esporta detergents, sanitizers, and fragrances in order to treat and disinfect your gear from sweat, germs, and decay of your equipment. Esporta's exclusive enzyme based soaps have low foaming surfactants and anti soil redeposition agents that help prevent soils from returning to the equipment. The enzyme fighting stain remover helps eliminate blood, proteins, grass, and other organic contaminants from your equipment.

All washes incorporate color safe bleach and optical brighteners to improve the performance of the Esporta Wash System. The low alkaline formula is compatible for leather and fabric dyes and helps preserve the integrity of the tough articles to clean like gloves, uniforms, and pads.

Equipo C will make sure that all gear is strategically placed into a protective mesh bag, to allow for maximum wash and dry exposure during various cycles, so that all equipment is secure. All items are safely suspended during the cleaning process.

Equipo C also offers Esporta's Dry Barrier Wash (DBW) for football jerseys. DBW is a water based polymer suspension that is added to the Esporta wash cycle. The DBW suspension penetrates into the fabric of jerseys and will last for months as well as prolong the life of the jersey.

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